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purple and grey canvas art,Frequently appearing folks images under the current Chinese essential oil painter’s pencil is definitely not really a originality, especially the long method of attempting to mix the Chinese and traditional western disciplines. It has become a lot of painting vocabulary nourished and developed with the richness of Chinese language people art. The general opinion of Chinese language essential oil artists. Mr. Chen Naiqiu’s artwork appear to end up being another example of this scenario. Nevertheless, what received my interest was the exclusive features of this brand-new example and some enlightenment that we brought to us. Custom Painting on Canvas

black and white painting canvas,To see Mister. Nai Qiu’s artwork, we are first enticed by the dual charm of authentic folk art charm and pure professional artistic temperament. In those series of Chinese folk images that we can see at a glance, we can’t get the satisfaction of the details, such as the popular fairy images, auspicious patterns, the talented people in the opera stories, the swordsmen and horses are all the subjects that the painters rely on However, on the screen, the details of the costumes and faces that we’re fascinated by the Association were deliberately blurred by the painter, and the Western-style Impressionism and Expressionist brushwork turned the blurred image details into rich color changes. Come back to life. The colors of strong or elegant or gorgeous or dignified oil paintings still show the charm of Chinese folk.

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Once the western oil paint was produced in the West, it became a carrier, bringing with it significant cultural characteristics. From Matteo Ricci to China’s “Mother and Child” to Lang Schinning’s court painter emperor Qianlong, all the traditional Chinese painters who composed painting language with pen, ink, and paper were shaken. Since then, whether this art of Western oil painting has been mastered by Chinese painters has been a long-standing controversy. The academic dispute between Chinese and Western styles has further deepened this public case in the art world. Until the beginning of this century, a large number of overseas students returned to China and Fang made Western oil painting officially settle in China. In the past century, as Chinese painters have become more adept at Western painting, another question has emerged: Can Western painting take root in our national soil? In other words, can Chinese oil painters make this foreign painting language Really become his own artistic vocabulary? Chen Naiqiu, who was employed by his predecessors such as Wang Qi, Zhou Fangbai, Yu Yunjie, Fu Baoshi, Chen Zhifo, and Lu Sibai in his early years, must know the truth. In Mr. Nai Qiu’s artistic career, he did put a lot of effort into oil painting. Painters and works in various periods from classical to impressionism and modernism have experienced many attempts and knowledge from objective rationality, natural light to subjective psychology, and form composition. From his highly realistic works and the creation of various artistic styles, we see that the painter has a wide range of artistic practice and colorful methods, but the painter Chen Naiqiu clearly thinks that this is not the exploration and discovery of a Chinese artist. But it s fishing in the basin, it s trolling out old things. Of course, the painter did nt completely deny himself in such a joke, but just realized that we really do nt have to follow other people. The traditional basis of painting between us and them is different. The economic basis of social production is different, and we have different temperaments from Westerners. It is not necessary to use the East in order to be effective. ” It has been felt that no matter how familiar the use of this foreign painting language is, if it has not converted its existing cultural temperament, the artist will always have a kind of insatiable bloodlines.

Mr. Nai Qiu’s shift of the oil painter’s perspective to folk is not artificial or fashionable, which can be fully proved from the painter’s artistic concepts, thoughts and experience. The painter hates listening to the nationalization of “oil paintings” on his mouth. He also used a bitter analogy like “Mom always urges me to fall asleep, but I can’t sleep.” He accused that “the front foot just stepped in The palace of oil painting was dragged on the hind legs before entering the room, and his face was destined to be ‘nationalized’. This is like a tug of war, oil painting is not well learned and nationalized. He has such an artistic belief: “Let the oil painters delve into the research and master the essence of oil painting. Don’t worry, the temperament of the painter is oriental and Chinese, and it will inevitably bloom the flower of the nation.” Chinese temperament oil painter makes art The national flower blooms in various ways and methods. Mr. Nai Qiu also believes that this should be determined by the artist’s personality style, temperament, and experience background. As long as it is a true self, whether it is already done by others or If you have done it, you should not be afraid to repeat yourself until you surpass others. “This is really your personality and your style.” large abstract paintings.

Large Abstract Canvas Art

Black white art,The painter Chen Naiqiu talked to the author about a folk complex he had buried since childhood. At that time, his happiest place to play was his grandfather’s shop (shop specializing in renting folk wedding and funeral articles). The large flower sedan placed there, the colorful brocades and wood carvings spreading on the flower sedan, the red and green car curtains, table perimeters, various patterns pierced with stool clothes, as well as candlesticks and silver hanging lamps are beautifully carved. Glass painting screen, blue and white bowls, and dishes … all these become his most beautiful memories of childhood.

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