How do you paint in oils?-black and white wall decor

Black and white wall decor-When it comes to making program, we have to emphasize production program is for each artist himself first,Great Big Canvas desires and habits, the purpose of the method is concerned, it is not absolute, fixed rules, we can only on the basis of the traditional painting period is the most common and representative techniques to get a regular understanding and experience.
It is impossible for us to list all the techniques of the classical artists,Black And White Painting but we can only explain the common and substantial things in their techniques for your reference.
In particular, each artist has a lot of different characteristics in the production process. However, as the whole system of traditional classical oil painting, there is a general common point in the overall view. Therefore, it can only be briefly summarized as follows.
1. Start with a line
Starting form with line is a universal method adopted by painters in the initial stage of painting since ancient times.
Since the original painting, the use of line modeling has become an effective method for people to generalize complex forms, because line is the representation of body boundary, it can divide the area of different shapes, it can also show the relationship between different volumes, and more importantly,Contemporary Painting  it can obtain people’s perceptual and rational recognition on body recognition.
Therefore, no matter how complicated the final effect of oil painting is on the level and color level, the extraction and generalization of lines in the initial stage is of vital importance, which is reflected first in the setting of large composition, and second in the positioning and description of all parts of the body.
Therefore, the composition and the arrangement of large shapes must be basically established at this stage, and few changes are made in the latter stage. This is the rigorous expression of traditional oil paintings in the opening form, so the original opening form must be strict and thoughtful.
We can see from the sketches of the classical masters their generalization and expression of the form, more can see that their drawings are directly for the oil painting to open the form and serve, rather than exist as independent aesthetic value.
At that time, HAND MADE ACRYLIC PAINTING MINIMALIST ART,LARGE MODERN ART CIRCLE ON CANVAS,BLACK WHITE PAINTING  the sketch was mostly based on lines, and there were few tonal levels. Except for the interpenetration of edge lines to show the shape, it was to show the volume and light and shadow relationship in the picture concisely with the transition or the line between light and dark.

This kind of concise line trace form is more suitable for the level is complex, detail rich oil painting is concise open form in initial stage.
Ancient painters mostly made sketches with paper first, and then made charcoal or color powder on the back of the paper to copy the sketch onto the canvas on which the bottom was made.
This method is suitable for the very rigorous style of the painter, not only can obtain the accurate shape safely, but also does not have to hurt the canvas surface as in the direct sketch on the canvas.
There are also methods of drawing the relationship directly on canvas with Dan pera or turpentine and pigment, but the most common method is to use color powder or charcoal copy form and then use Dan pera or turpentine to adjust the pigment to create a monochrome thin oil effect.
Of course, the purpose of form creation is to lay the foundation of form for the work. In order to achieve the accurate and detailed final effect, form creation must give the basic content of the form in the sketch strictly and clearly.
However, in traditional oil paintings, some painters only draw big relations and big imposing manner when drawing, and use loose lines, and some are similar to scrawl, and leave the accurate and specific things in the later stage to gradually carry out, which often can obtain some unexpected vivid effects.
However, these two methods also have a lot to do with post-production. If the process is to be carried out locally, it is better to draw the shape with lines fully and accurately first, but if the process is to be carried out as a whole, it is better to use flexible and less prudent line to shape.

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