Series of decorative paintings for Home

Nowadays, white and single walls can no longer meet the decoration requirements of modern people for home space. The abstract oil painting adds different small colors to the walls. They can give space spirituality, wisdom and thought.
Nordic style is one of the most popular styles among young people nowadays. One of its characteristics is that modern abstract wall art is indispensable. But in fact, no matter what style of decorative painting exists, it is an icing on the cake.
If your home is already covered with wall stickers and you don’t know how to choose abstract art canvas, let’s learn how to choose an extra large canvas art.
A minimalist style of contemporary oil painting is the best choice. Inform, it conforms to the principle of simplicity and embodies the artistic style of simplicity and fashion, which is characterized by the fluency of lines and the clarity of patterns.
Most of the tones are black and white abstract art paintings, and even the bright tones are mostly pure.
1, letter series
The letter series of decorative paintings have a refreshing color, a clean layout, with the interpretation of the original art in the most simple form. It’s easy to control whether it’s plain wallpaper or color.
2, geometric series
The organic superposition and combination of pure color blocks form an artistic style, which is fashionable and elegant and greatly enhances the quality of the space. This type of painting is generally used for white, gray or understated wall stickers.

  1. Cartoon Series
    The cartoon series has a lovely and interesting dualistic shape. The color of the wall stickers is elegant and soft, which is in sharp contrast with the colorful decorative paintings.
    4, natural series
    The natural series has a high collocation rate. Whether it is a plain or a wall stickers with natural series can add a touch of fresh and colorful color to the overall space, and a touch of spiritual charm. The common contents of decorative paintings include the green plants of Monstera, Qinye, Rubber Tree, Sanweikui, Plantain, Olive Tree, and Tigertail, etc.
  2. Animal Series
    Common animal decoration paintings include deer, zebra, birds, cats and other subjects, The spirituality is endless and there is no lack of elegance and fashion beauty. Both plain and floral wall stickers can be easily controlled.
  3. Character Series
    Character series decorative paintings with a very artistic style, soft color with a bit of cold fashion. Character series decorative paintings are usually matched with plain wall stickers.
  4. Landscape Series
    Common themes include the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge, the streets of Paris, natural scenery, etc. The landscape series is usually matched with plain wall stickers, making the overall space quiet and beautiful, which makes people yearn for.
  5. Abstract Series
    Large abstract painting canvas has fashionable design ideas, as well as personality uninhibited attributes.
    the oversized abstract wall art is bold in color and free in form. They are usually matched with light-colored wall cloth, emphasizing the vivid, free and diversified visual feelings given to the space in the paintings.
    A good painting is well decorated in space, complemented by soft decorations such as space color, layout, lighting, furniture, wall cloth and so on
    Like the wall sticker, it not only helps the rendering of the atmosphere of space and create artistic conception but also gives people a pleasing aesthetic enjoyment.

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