Modern decorative painting matching skills

Household style can be achieved through the landscape style, not just the right furthermore can be the icing on the cake decor decoration, such as black and white wall decor is decorated the household style of an excellent helper, but  different through the housing landscape style, adornment collocation have specific skills, modern decoration within the process of collocation must conform to the family unit design style, cannot too alternative but to break the bad design style from the whole household, tie-in process must give priority to with household entire style, modern decoration is usually complementary, only ornament decoration effect.

Color matching strategies in modern decorative works of art
One of the household environment of adornment because the ornament, in the option of modern decoration procedure, must consider colour collocation, learn to think home environment is not ideal for interior design color types an excessive
amount of, color too wealthy may cause visual fatigue, therefore regardless of how the patterns of the decoration, the mass-tone attune of the modern decoration as a whole to home owners and tonal plus consistent, or similar, like household environment with ivory give priority to, as far as possible when adornment collocation choose light or whitened fundamental key, such as ivory, part, etc.

Just about all in all, the colour associated with adornment picture cannot plus building advocate tonal distinction is too far, may destroy otherwise household entire design amorous feelings.Size matching technique of modern decorative painting
The color of adornment picture not only should coordinate along with building color photograph, the particular dimensional collocation of add on picture also has specific skill.
In the procedure of choosing modern decorative painting, according to the placement of decorative painting, its dimension has different attention.

If will adornment picture is put in the seated room, because the sitting area is the place that entertain close friend, also the sitting room is usually the room with bigger area at the exact same time,  therefore the dimension suitable of adornment picture will be big shoulds not become small, had better select large adornment picture design is decorated in the middle of sitting room wall, such show up atmosphere, full.

If contemporary adornment picture is put in the word associated with the bedroom, should match up small dimension, if sizing is bigger, can show up the bedroom is crowded be in disorder.

Modern decorative painting
The black and white wall decor of matching patterns in modern decorative paintings
Showed the decoration according in order to different content and various local conditions and customs, when want to match a contemporary decoration, so as the name suggests, the add on design needs to accord along with the modern aesthetic principles, modern decoration design need to be made of various components of modern artwork fusion, for example modern structures, modern characters, amorous feelings of fashion, and so on, as long since it is accord along with modern amorous feelings